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Ratio word problem

Need help on this question.

Mrs.Tan is preparing sweets for a party. Ratio of the number of adults to number of childres attending is 2:1. Among the children, the number of boys and girls attending are the same. A total of 240 sweets are prepared so that each adult gets 1 sweet and each child gets 3 sweets.

1. What fraction of people attending the party are girls?
2. How many girls are attending the party?
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Re: Ratio word problem

each adult gets 1, each child gets 3
ratio is 1/3

1          x
--   =   ----  ratio of adult to total, to find number of adults getting a sweet
4         240

4x = 240   cross-multiplied
x = 60   divided

That means there were 60 adults.

Ratio of adults to children is 2/1

If there were 60 adults, then there were 30 children.
If the boys and girls were the same, then there were 15 boys and 15 girls.

1.)  15/90 = 1/6 attending the party were (non-adult) girls
2.)  15 girls were attending the party

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